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Who we are

At NES Media, our goal is simply to capture the moment. Backed by industry-grade equipment, technical mastery, and creative ingenuity, we strive to deliver visual narratives that preserve cherished memories. With an unwavering focus on our clients' vision, we foster a collaborative environment that yields exceptional results, uniquely tailored to meet your needs.

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and I am the founder and owner of NES Media. For as long as I can remember, I've had a great fascination with all things cinema. After receiving my first camera as a high school graduation present, I decided to learn the ins and outs of photography and videography. In 2021 I was given the opportunity to combine my love of film and cameras and turn my passion into a business.

Today, I'm finishing up my undergraduate degree in Finance and plan to complete an accelerated MBA program after graduating from the University of Connecticut this spring.

With the collaborative strength of an expanded team, I've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients across New England to create commercial, personal, and creative content. From weddings to film production, music videos and portrait photography, I am up for anything, anywhere.

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Don't Just Take it from us

Nicole A

From beginning to end, she was responsive and she laid out her entire process for us... Fast forward to day of and I don't think I ever saw her taking a single break. She was constantly on her feet, running around, making sure she caught everything.
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